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Alessandro Motta was lactose intolerant as a toddler and grew up drinking goat's milk and eating buffalo mozzarella in his home-city of Rome, Italy. It was from here that his love for varied types of milk and cheese products began. Buffalo Mozzarella was the one he loved the most, with its firm skin and salty, yet creamy inside.


Alessandro moved to Brisbane with his family when he was 12 years old and found himself nostalgic for the flavours of his birthplace. He missed buffalo mozzarella so much he couldn't help trying to make it himself.

​Aside from destroying his Mother's gas cooktop and the many years of dedicated trial and error, the final results were so good in fact, that friends and family started asking him to make mozzarella for them. It was not long until Alessandro was producing buffalo mozzarella, burrata and fior di latte for the best restaurants and delis in Brisbane.

"Alessandro Motta makes his artisan mozzarella the old fashioned Italian way."

Today, Alessandro still makes its artisan buffalo mozzarella, fior di latte and burrata in Mansfield (Brisbane) the old fashion Italian way, naturally fermented and stretched by hand. Alessandro’s goal is simple: making sure that Casa Motta’s cheese is unique and the best you have ever tasted.

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